A Glimpse Of SSR Botanical Garden At Pamplemousses

Known as “Le Jardin National de L’Ile de France” or “The Royal Botanical Gardens of Pamplemousses” in the ancient times, the Garden of Pamplemousses was officially given the name of “SSR Botanical Garden”, known after the Father of the Nation, Sir Seewosagur Ramgoolam, in 1988.

Built in the Pamplemousses region by the Renowned Pierre Poivre, in 1770, the garden extends its great canopy of greeneries over 37 hectares of land. While the garden is well known for its large water lilies, it also features other endemic plants, Ebonies and not to mention, Sugarcanes.

Over 650 varieties of plants and 85 types of palms from all over the world have been planted there, in one and the same place. Many trees and plants have been planted by great and renowned people of the world, notably Princess Margaret, Robert Mugabe, Francois Mitterrand and other high Personalities of Mauritius itself, just to mention some.

Another marvellous scenery is the blossoming of the Talipot trees. Talipot trees are also called as the centenary trees of Mauritius. They blossom every 40-60 years. Their inflorescence is just amazing and dazzling to be looked at.

Hitherto, apart from the plants and trees, there are a lot of Avenues which lead you to different places and different destinations. Each Avenue depicts a different history, named after great Ancient persons, leaders and rulers just like the Avenue Lady Barkly, or Avenue Etienne le Juge.

Treading along one particular Avenue, it just ends at the sight of the prehistoric time “Chateau de Mon Plaisir”. This building was erected by the British in the mid nineteenth century. It is now being officially used for ceremonies held.

The SSR Botanical Garden is entirely a natural and marvelous place, with a bounty lot of surrounding nature. Along with the chirping of birds, the shadows of the trees and the sunray, it is sure a place of relaxation, far away from the loud noise of the city. It has thus been rated amongst one of the best nature reserve for touristic visits. In a year, approximately over 500000 people from foreign come to catch a natural glimpse of the SSR Garden.

The beautiful and picturesque scenery is always engraved in the minds of those who come there for a visit. Not to forget the guides who do a nice job by taking the tourists around the garden, describing every plant and place possible at a low cost.

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